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 Sea-k and destroy

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PostSubject: Sea-k and destroy    27th June 2010, 11:21 pm

Sea-k and destroy
SBS get 8m sea drone to fight pirates and terrorism
By Douglas Wight, 27/06/2010

SPECIAL forces chiefs have ordered a revolutionary robot spy craft to fight terrorists and pirates who threaten our shores.

The 8million "drone" will be the new weapon for the Special Boat Service - the ocean-going equivalent of the SAS.

The unmanned Kevlar-clad ships - operated remotely by a crew of six ashore or on a support craft - will be equipped with an over-the-horizon radar and a cannon to take out the enemy.

SPY PLANE: Drone used in Afghanistan

The fast-attack craft will also be fitted with electronic sensors to detect small boats or mines nearly four miles away.

It can operate over 500 miles on one tank of fuel and the remote-control weapons can be fired on the move.
The 10.6 metre-long spy ship's sleek, low-profile camouflage design also makes it very hard to spot in the water.
And with a top speed of 45 knots, it is fast enough to intercept an enemy ahead of our advancing forces.
It also means the spy ships could be exposed to a higher risk than operations involving troops.
The craft are the next generation in high-tech weaponry and a step forward from the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used to monitor terrorists in Afghanistan.

Currently, the SBS uses manned fast-interceptor boats to protect UK waters and react to hostage situations and terror threats at home or abroad.
Commanders say the new attack craft will be ideal to spy on pirates and terrorists. SBS chiefs chose the ships after testing out an Israeli Silver Marlin with American SEALS in the Middle East.
An SBS source said: "The maritime UAV can provide a signal of intent to pirates or others who pose a threat to UK assets or operations.
"The Marlin could clearly be used ahead of an amphibious assault, steered by controllers through minefields to identify an approach to land while at the same time providing real-time pictures for commanders."
The source added: "The Royal Navy, who are in charge of the SBS, have already budgeted for these craft.
"UAVs are the future for modern warfare. They have been extremely valuable in Afghanistan to target and kill key terrorists."
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Sea-k and destroy
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