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 Assault Weapons

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PostSubject: Assault Weapons   22nd December 2012, 12:05 am

Assault weapon is a term which has been given many different meanings. The general term is used to describe any of various automatic and semi-automatic military firearms utilizing an intermediate-power cartridge and is frequently confused with assault rifle. Unlike the term assault rifle, however, the term 'assault weapon' has no consistent or specific definition and is, therefore, subject to varying definitions and useage, which includes non-military firearms. In the United States, there is a variety of statutory definitions of assault weapons in local, state, and federal laws that define them by set characteristics which sometimes include military-style features typically related to combat use. Using lists of physical features of an individual or specific firearm. The definition assault weapon/s in the U.S. was first used in the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

A common mistake is to confuse the term assault rifle (which has full-automatic, "machine gun" capability) with the term 'assault weapon.' Unlike assault rifle, 'assault weapon' has no consistent or specific definition and, so, is subject to varying definitions for varying purposes, including definitions that include common non-military and military-style firearms. Civilian ownership of firearms is generally restricted to semi-automatic weapons. Civilian ownership of assault 'rifles' or any other full-automatic firearm is tightly regulated. Most recently the terms Assualt Weapon and Assualt Rifle are used in Political circles and News Broadcasts to highlight trajedy or convince legislative powers to take action against all weapons.
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Assault Weapons
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